Yaralla: Searching for Crabs

Yaralla Advenutures

Searching for Crabs

Here in Yaralla we are fortunate to have a new student who is keenly interested wildlife, especially insects, creatures that live in our waterways and birdlife. Earlier in the week, this student took us on a tour of the beautiful Rivendell grounds and photo documented our adventures. We met birds, crabs and mystery creatures along the way. All of these wonderful treasures have been here all along but it took new eyes to show us what was under our noses!

We discovered Kookaburras perching in the trees around the grounds and found many little crabs scurrying about in the mangroves. Our brave leader picked up the crabs up to show us and we discovered that they have tiny orange pincers!

Peri-Peri Delicious!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Yaralla team worked together to create delicious Peri-Peri chicken wraps! The students marinated and cooked the chicken on Wednesday and got to eat the fruit of their labours on Thursday. Last week we also made delicious pancakes. Watch this space next week for photographs of our culinary adventures!