Science in the Learning Centre

This year we are very excited to introduce Science to the Rivendell Learning Centre and have begun with a fun unit on Chemical Reactions. This week, students conducted a series of experiments using simple household materials such as nails, tin foil, lemon juice and cola. Their investigation into the corrosive nature of a of substance provided some interesting results. In some cases students identified that they may need to do further controlled investigations to ascertain the validity of their findings.

In their practical reports, students used the Scientific Method: asking questions, creating hypotheses, conducting experiments, analysing data, refining, developing theories and asking more questions.

Later in the week, students used their knowledge of elements to form an understanding of how the periodic table works in predicting new chemical combinations.

Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium?
It went OK.
Did you know that oxygen went for a second date with potassium?
How did it go?
It went OK2!
I asked the guy sitting next to me if he had any Sodium Hypobromite…
He said NaBrO
If the Silver Surfer and Iron Man team up, they’d be alloys.
Q: Anyone know any jokes about sodium?
A: Na
Q: If H2O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice?
A: H2O cubed.


To learn more, about Mendeleev and the genius of the periodic table, check out the great TED Ed video below.