Walker Newsletter Term 1 Week 1 2018

Learning Centre News

Hi All and Welcome to the first Walker Learning Centre Students’ Newsletter of 2018.  Students have all worked really well this week on getting back into the school routine and preparing themselves for their study for 2018.  This has taken the form of reading about Distance Education procedures, familiarising themselves with Moodle and TAFE websites, and revisiting our ongoing Walker Learning Centre activities and projects like the Newsletter and Skills and Strategies folders. 

Learning Centre Staff this year are a mixture of old and new.  We welcome Michele and Tamara onto Learning Centre 2 with Angela.  Paula and Tina are in Learning Centre 1. 

On the Ward

Master Chef : Meat Pies / Vegetarian Pies with Mash Potatoes and Chips

Saturday Breakfast : Crepes & Hash Browns

Baking Group : Lamingtons

Sports Groups : Soccer


Garden Update

Lots of beautiful birds have been visiting the Walker Learning Centre garden, and some gorgeous flowers are in bloom, but lots of the garden is looking quite dry, so we will get back into our daily garden care practice this term.

Garden photos by A.G

Word of the Week

Thermocline: The transition layer between warmer mixed water at the oceans’ surface and cooler deep water below.

By E.C


Joke of the Week

Knock, Knock 

Who is there

Jess Who ? 

Jess ( Just ) wait till I tell you about my first day back to school 

By J.E

Quote of the Week

by A.H and C.E