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Walker Students’ Newsletter Term 4 Week 6

November 17, 2017 Learning Centre News We have been very busy and productive in the Learning Centre recently, not only getting school work done, but also looking after our garden – which is loving Springtime and the recent rain – and both classes … read more

Library News: New Books in Stock

November 16, 2017 We are very excited to have a new batch of books in the Library this week. Some of the books are requests from students and have already left the shelves! Others are the latest Young Adult Fiction releases. At Rivendell … read more

Walker Newsletter Term 4 Week 5 2017

November 9, 2017 Puppet Play Update Hopefully you all had a chance to have a look at our puppet play trailer in last week’s newsletter. Since this time we have been busily filming our play and even borrowing actors from Rivendell to make … read more

Yaralla Program : KAPLA Challenge

November 8, 2017 The Yaralla program recently acquired a large KAPLA crate which the team immediately put to use with a series of class challenges.  But what is KAPLA? Made from 100% high quality unprocessed pine wood from a natural renewable forest in France, … read more

Rivendell Moments : Capturing Seconds

November 7, 2017 Throughout the year, Rivendell Students have been working with resident creatives and staff to develop a range of multimedia for our annual Storyweavers Evening. The Annual Storyweavers Evening was hosted by the School Representative Council on Wednesday, 1 November with … read more

Meet Ruffles the Rescued Ringtail!

November 2, 2017 Rivendell students have been very excited this week by the opportunity to help care for a special furry little friend! Ruffles, a baby ringtail possum, was unfortunately left orphaned by the side of the road. Fortunately, a kind stranger rescued Ruffles … read more

Walker Newsletter Term 4 Week 4

November 2, 2017 Walker Puppet Play We have a very special announcement this week in Walker…..production has commenced on the Walker Puppet Play! In order to reignite everybody’s excitement about this project, we have attached a music trailer featuring the dance moves of … read more

Walker Students Newsletter Term 4 Week 3

October 26, 2017 Learning Centre News Oak tree, gum tree Green, paper-back, tall Birds nesting, kids climbing Calming leaves, soothing scent Poem by A.Z   *A hint at what is to come from the Staff and Students at the Walker LC over the … read more

Bird Bath for Sulman’s Feathered Friends

October 24, 2017 The Sulman program recently purchased a terracotta bird bath which the students have started decorating with mosaic tiles. Over the past year we have seen familiar and new birds visit our garden from the local area. Some examples of recently seen species of birds … read more


October 23, 2017 Cricket NSW have been hosting a cricket clinic here at Rivendell School this term. The clinic has involved students enjoying a variety of games that focus on improving their cricket skills.  The program will continue running for the next couple of weeks as a whole … read more