Rivendell students ‘Get Hooked’!

This term the Get Hooked program delivered yet another fun-filled fishing workshop for Rivendell School students.
With stunning views of Sydney Harbour in the background, students were taught how to correctly tie a knot, how to identify different species of fish, and the importance of fishing sustainably. After morning tea students were able to cast a line into the beautiful waters of Mort Bay, Balmain. 
Congratulations go to the student who reeled in the “catch of the day”, a sizeable yellow-tailed Brim. 
Catch of the day- what a beauty! 
Another student reeled in a fish that could not be identified by the Get Hooked team, so the fish became affectionately known as a Stevenfish. 

A very peculiar Stevenfish 


This is the third fishing workshop our students have participated in, and we hope to keep our long-standing friendship with the staff for many years to come. Our staff and students are very appreciative of the efforts and enthusiasm the Get Hooked staff. A big thank you goes to Amalia and the Get Hooked team for once again providing an educated and important message to young people for our fishing future.

Check out the gallery for more snaps of our fun-filled excursion!