English Class Book Fair: Thursday 21st September

Book Fair
Next Thursday 21st September, Rivendell School will be hosting a Book Fair to celebrate the students’ work in Stage 4 and 5 English this term (Year 7 – 10). Students have been reading a novel of their choosing, whilst looking at different text types in class (newspaper articles, short stories, book reviews, diary entries and advertisements). The Book Fair is a chance for students to present the text types they have created, which have been inspired by their individual books.
Staff and students across the whole school are invited to visit the Book Fair (Thursday 12.15pm – 12.45pm) to see what the English students have been working on this term. We will encourage our English students to share their thoughts and opinions about the book they have been reading, as well as their personal recommendations. We have also invited staff and students to dress up as their favourite book characters if they wish! 
It has been wonderful to see so many avid readers taking part in the Book Fair this term. Excellent work Stage 4 and 5 English!