Walker Students’ Newsletter Term 3 Week 8

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All of our Walker Year 11 Students have finished their preliminary exams!  Here’s some advice from students who sat exams this term:
  • Flash Cards were very helpful in studying for the exams.  You write a question on one side of the card, and an answer on the reverse. 
  • A small amount of revision the night before the exam is good, for example, reading through your flash cards, but too much study the night before can muddle your brain!
  • If you have the opportunity for a quiet exam space – take up the offer.  Not being distracted is really important. 
  • Have a good breakfast the day of the exam.  If you are nervous and don’t eat, hunger can be distracting while you are working in the exam.  If you are allowed to have a banana during the exam, this can be a quiet snack to keep you going.  Be careful of junk food (chocolate, lollies, etc.)  They may give you instant energy for a little while, but then you could feel tired before the end of the exam and your concentration start to wane. 
  • Completing all your study and being well prepared for the exam gives you a lot of confidence going into the exam.  Feeling confident enables you to think more clearly in the exam. 
  • Use practice papers, often past papers to understand how questions will be written and to practice a wide range of questions, just like the real exam.
  • HSC Study Lab is one online resource that offers a lot of videos and helpful resources for study.  If you need a different explanation for something that is difficult to understand – this site might work for you. 

by F.O’S and K.T. 

On The Ward

Masterchef:  Tacos and Chips

Saturday Breakfast:  Waffles and Fruit

Baking Group: Pavlova

Sport Group:  Table Tennis and Soccer

Outing:  Movies

by A.Z

Quote of the Week


Be a pineapple:  Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside! 



by K.T


Word of the Week

by A.Z


Jokes of the Week (including some math jokes!!) by K.T

My friend says to me : “What rhymes with orange.” I said “no it doesn’t.”



I poured root beer into a square glass. Now I just have beer.

My friend asked me to help him round up his 37 sheep. I said “40”