Lawson gets a worm cafe!

Check out Lawson’s worm cafe! 


Last week, Lawson students were lucky enough to establish their own worm farm- humorously known as “the worm cafe”. It is known as worm cafe because the worms get to feast on organic kitchen scraps.

The Lawson students came up with idea of establishing a worm farm in the garden when they saw the thriving worm-farm at Kimbriki Tip. Lawson students have enjoyed setting up their worm cafe, and watching approximately 1000 adult and baby worms settle into their new home. 

The worm cafe has been an excellent addition to the Lawson garden, and students have been relishing in the opportunity to care for living creatures. The worm cafe will also be a sustainable and environmentally-friendly waste solution for Rivendell’s kitchen scraps.

If you are thinking about establishing your own garden, please be aware that worms require some care and maintenance. For a healthy worm cafe, remember these top tips: 

  1. NO onion, citrus or meat scraps in the worm farm

  2. Water the feeder tray once per week

  3. Keep your worm farms in a shady spot