The 2017 Great Book Swap : Reading Opens Doors

Next week our students and staff will be participating in the 2017 Great Book Swap. This event celebrates reading whilst also raising money for remote communities. We have been sourcing a plethora of books for the event. Students and staff can swap a favourite book in exchange for another, or by a gold coin donation. How much can we raise?

The Great Book Swap is a win-win. Not only does it help raise money to improve literacy levels in remote communities, but the excitement and fun that a book swap generates will help improve literacy levels in your community or organisation as well!

 – Andy Griffiths

ILF Ambassador

The Great Book Swap

We were quite horrified to learn that only 25% of Aboriginal students in very remote areas are at the minimum reading standard in comparison to 90% of non-Aboriginal students. We feel that we can help lift literacy levels. We will make a difference. All proceeds from our Great Book Swap will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.