Our Super School Administration and Support Staff (SSASS)

Our School Administration and Support Staff are the beating heart of Rivendell that pumps vitality into our student body. By now it’s an overused cliche to say that in our school they are indispensable, but Rivendell literally would not function without them and the whole nature of what we do would need to change. It would be a lighthouse without the light, a garden without the vegetables, or a computer without internet access.

They know all the students and how to get the best out of them. They make sure the taxi service is running well and lodge applications for students to access it. They own the many tentacled job of running the front office. They cook some of the world’s best potato-bakes, tabouli, koftas, sweets, soups and salads. They run the tipping comp, create riddles, puzzles and give out prizes to all staff.

They keep things organised and make the workplace a safe space physically and emotionally. Like the elves in the Grimm’s fairy tale, they make sure the kitchen is functional, clean and all sown up. They make sure no weeds are growing in the gardens and they help the students’ minds to blossom. They are always involved with whatever program is running, from sport to art, to the learning centre and everything in between. They bring knowledge from many different workplaces, a variety of cultures and colourful lived experiences.


SSASS, we salute you!