Walker Students’ Newsletter, Term 3 Week 7

Michael and Richard smiling

On the Ward

Masterchef – ravioli – tomato sauces.

Saturday breakfast group – crepes w/ icrecream and berries

Baking group – chocolate lava cake

Sport group – Monday – indoor soccer and volleyball

                         Tuesday – outdoor basketball

                         Wednesday – indoor soccer, dodgeball and willball Z

In the Learning Centre

Michael and Richard smiling

Michael and Richard


Once again the students of Walker enjoyed participating in the Storyweaver project.  A big thank you to Richard and Michael for their inspiration and guidance with our creative writing.



How to avoid catching a cold.

  •  wash your hands with soap and water; everytime you blow your nose, cough and go to the bathroom.
  • when sneezing cover your mouth and nose with your hands or sneeze into a tissue.Tap with gushing water
  • when coughing cover your mouth and keep your hands sanitised. Keep your distance from people who are sick, have lots of vitamin c and fluids.
  • “stay in bed”, keep warm, eat healthy, eat fresh fruits and vegetables  which will support your immune system.

Follow these quick and easy steps to avoid catching the cold.

by TN



Quote of the week

People are not disturbed by things, but the view they take of them. – brainy quote – C.M

Word of the week

inauspicious – not conducive to success; unpromising – C.M

Joke of the week

 What do you call a number that can’t sit still? – C.M

A: A roamin’ numeral