Lawson Update: Outdoor Sessions

Lawson Update: Outdoor Creative Session

According to sources, working outdoors has many great health benefits. Did you know that being in nature can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve immune function? In addition, incorporating elements of nature into your day can also give your brain a boost, resulting in increased productivity, focus and creativity!

Therefore, taking advantage of this week’s glorious weather, Lawson staff and students took to the river banks of Rivendell for an outdoor creativity session.  Inspired by the beautiful scenery that surrounds Rivendell and the Parramatta River, students were given the choice to sketch, draw, read or just take the time to relax in nature.

Outdoor Creative Session

The Lawson program are big fans of working outside in nature, with regular outdoor sessions factored into the weekly timetable. Activities may include nature walks, gardening, outdoor sports, and outdoor drama games (just to name a few!) 

Outdoor Creative Session

Students appreciate the opportunity to break up their day with outdoor sessions, as it allows them to step away from their academic work and re-energise. Spending time outdoors is also beneficial for Vitamin D absorption, eye health (as students are away from computer screens), exercise and exposure to clean air.

“I like having the option to work outdoors sometimes. The fresh air helps me to think” – J.

Outdoor Creative Session

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