Library News: Travelling Libraries and Audible


Since it’s inception in late 2016 (after receiving a generous grant from the Sidney Myer Foundation) the Rivendell Library has been growing. The current collection specialises in Young Adult fiction and we regularly update our collection with novels that reflect our students’ interests and abilities.

Until now, students in the Walker and Gna Ka Lun programs have not had access to our library. We are excited to announce our travelling library, providing these students with access to a rotating range of novels.


We are also excited to announce the purchase of Audible, providing all students with access to audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks has a wide range of benefits. Brain scans of children listening to audiobooks have indicated that reading to a child early and often activates the part of the brain that allows them to understand the meaning of language.

Listening to audiobooks:

  • Exposes the reader to new words and increases their vocabulary
  • Improves speech and understanding of how words sound
  • Improves overall mastery of language and communication
  • Exposes the reader to new experiences
  • Improves concentration

The 2016 paper Audiobooks: Legitimate “Reading” Material for Adolescents? Moore, J., & Cahill, M. (2016) found that listening to audiobooks increased overall vocabulary, encouraged oral language usage, and increase comprehension. Audiobooks were found to support the development of phonological, semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic language. By introducing audiobooks to our students we are encouraging their language development and their critical thinking.

With these new initiatives, we hope to continue to build a strong reading culture at Rivendell.