Science teacher Renato Ramsey visits from SDEHS

Year 9 and 10 students enjoyed meeting their Sydney Distance Education High School (SDEHS) Science teacher Renato Ramsey when he visited Rivendell this week. 

Distance education is an alternative option for students who are not able to continue their education in their local high school and who are not able to fulfill their educational requirements at their own school. Rivendell students in years 9 and 10 study Science and Mathematics through Distance Education. As most of the content is online, our students enjoyed the opportunity to meet with their teacher and engage in practical activities. 

Renato brought his Science equipment with him so that the students could get involved with some hands on experiments. They learnt about the oxidization of magnesium – magnesium burning in oxygen (pictured below). Renato also shared some agricultural expertise when visiting the Lawson garden. 


Rivendell staff and students appreciate the connection we have formed with Sydney Distance Education High School and look forward to continuing to work with their teachers onsite in the future.