Lawson Garden Update

Off the back of the excursion to Kimbriki’s Eco House and Garden, the Lawson students were excited to get back in the garden and put their new gardening skills to the test! The native raspberry bush, which was kindly donated by Kimbriki, was planted and has flourished in only a matter of weeks. We can tell it is loving its new home within the Lawson garden.

Another addition was the new garden bed, which was kindly donated by the Paterson program. The students worked hard to line the bed with clay, followed by soil and mulch.

(Photo: the garden bed process)

The students also planted three types of lettuce, two types of parsley, mint and tomato plants. Unfortunately though, we have noticed a small aphid issue and so the students are currently researching organic methods of controlling the problem.

(Photo: Students planting seeds)

The radishes continue to grow small but sweet! And we can’t wait until they’re fully grown and we can use them in our garden salads, along with other fresh produce harvested from the garden.

(Photo: Yummy radishes)

The next step for our Lawson garden is to organise a compost bin … stay tuned for more updates!