Rivendell Student Ecologists Visit Kimbriki Eco House and Garden


This week, several students and staff attended the Kimbriki Resource Management Centre for an ecology themed excursion. The focus of the day was for students to learn successful organic gardening techniques as well as how to implement sustainable living ideas into our everyday lives.



As part of the excursion, staff and students got involved in a workshop run by expert ecologist, Peter Rutherford. The students learnt about the importance of exposure to dirt and microbes to develop healthy immune systems; as well as how to create the perfect compost and worm farms. Students were also reminded of the impact that the waste we create has on our delicate ecosystem.



Students tasted some natural herbal tea from the eco-garden, and Peter was kind enough to donate a delicious native raspberry plant (rubus rosifolius) which the Lawson program is looking forward to nurturing in their garden. Students who attended are now budding ecologists (a word which they learnt derives from the Latin translation of “I care for wherever I go”) and look forward to utilising their newfound compost and gardening skills.


Remember to re-think: reduce, re-use, recycle!

For more information about Kimbriki’s Eco House and Garden visit:

http://www.ecohouseandgarden.com.au/ (for information on workshops)

https://experiencelife.com/article/dirt-germs-and-other-friendly-filth/​ (for information on how dirt and germs are good for our immune system)