Walker Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

Welcome to a new semester at Walker Learning Centre.

Semester 2, Term 3, Week 1.

News for the week:

This Term, Sharon Kerr is taking Amanda and Helen’s class while Amanda fills in at Gna Ka Lun, and Helen has some leave – Welcome Sharon!

Happy Birthday to our students having a Birthday this week!

Congratulations to the students who have begun integrating this term! Some very good feedback has been received from integration settings regarding all our ‘integrators’ this week. 

Congratulations to C.M for the 3 Merit Awards received from SDEHS for her year 9 work.  Well done!

Congratulations to K.T and S.M for their consistent hard work resulting in trading in their merits and Gold Cards for vouchers today. 

Friday Week 2 will be an outing.  Destination to be discussed next Walker Community Meeting.

Friday Week 3 will be the first (official) Walker Assembly for the Term. 

Master Chef – Thursday afternoon – Dumplings

Saturday Breakfast – Waffles

Baking Group – Muffins

Monday afternoon Sports Group – Newcombe Ball

Suggestions:  Pots of spices to smell for the sensory room, e.g. cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and lemon juice, etc. 

SRC – As our current SRC Rep has begun integrating to her mainstream school and will be unable to regularly attend SRC meetings, we will be looking for a second SRC Rep to help represent the Walker Learning Centre. 


Watercolour by K.T

Word of the Week!

Bullroarer – long thin piece of wood with a long string attached to it which is whirled in the air to make a roaring sound. It is used for religious ceremonies by native aboriginal people. And it is also used a children’s toy. It has also been used as a musical instrument by the Australian rock band “Midnight Oil” in their song is called ‘Bullroarer’ – check it out on YouTube!

Definition and Bullroarer painted by S.M


Quote of the Week!

Quote and artwork by K.T


Student Art Work:

Watercolour by K.T

Sharon’s Class Art work by C.M – A little inspiration for the beginning of Term 3!

Photography by Paula’s Class.