Walker Students’ Newsletter Term 2 Week 9

Ocean Science STEAM Day : A Visit From SEA LIFE

Learning Centre News

Storyweavers – “My tomorrow starts with an I”

Enjoyable way to learn how to write poetry. Makes you think about writing poetry in a different easier way and brings out your inner poet. And at the same time makes you think about the different things that can come out of simple questions

Comments by some of the participants

“Poetry is easier than it seems” -A

“It was interesting and different” -S

“Good interesting exercise” -F

article by K.T


Students from Walker and Rivendell joined forces to design a filtering system to filter pollution from the water. In the end the team that I was in won. The prize was a $10 Myer and Coles gift card. We also judged the splendid posters made by students from Walker and Rivendell. First prize went to C and the rest of the walker students came in the top 5 and won prizes. The day and the activities on this day really made us think about the ocean and how we are really close to losing it.

by Walker SRC Rep A.S

Word of the Week

Jocular – Given to, characterised by, or suited to joking. Facetious.

by S.L

Quote of the Week

SRC Report

Wednesday 21/6/17 –  basketball game against Centennial Park School – our Walker SRC Rep will be representing the Walker Learning Centre at this game!

Rescheduled market stall to week 10  – 29/6/17

by SRC Rep A.S