Future Tweets!

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“Geographies of Wellbeing” has been the Stage 4 and 5 focus for Geography this term.

This week we have been looking at population growth in Australia and around the world. Using a short clip from National Geographic (see below) we have explored the growth of the worldwide population and delved into what affects population growth and decline.

With the United Nations forecasting that the rapid increase in population will actually level out by 2050, students have been developing their hypothesis around why this might happen and what could influence our population growth, decline or stability in the future. 

In today’s session, we looked at the ten 100-year predictions made by American civil engineer John Elfreth Watkins in 1900. Using this as inspiration, students were tasked with developing four predictions of their own which they think will eventuate in the next 100 years.

Here are some of our our predictions about the #future :

  • DNA Engineering will lead to ‘superhumans’ with no physical flaws – however we must be careful not to be biased in our creations
  • Sexuality, gender identity, religion and race will be a non-issue – discrimination will be a fact of the past
  • Humans will be able to regrow body parts through the use of stem cells
  • Everyone will own a self driving car and there will be no traffic
  • Lab grown meat will replace real meat
  • Universal Basic Income will become a thing and everything will be automated. Our brains will be connected to the internet

Humans will be ‘implanted’ with a cybernetic plant at birth, linking them to the network for communication and education. Information will be downloaded at will

  • Teleportation and time travel will exist. Time travel bound to licensed people only so they don’t kill humanity
  • Nano Bots will repair physical or mental damage in a instant
  • We will no longer use digital cameras – a new technological advancement will be in place
  • Men will no longer be necessary for procreation as per Wonder Woman ‘..But for pleasure, not necessary’
  • People will live on Mars and will have floating cities in Venus. Space travel will be cheaper with space elevators
  • Almost everything will be done online including education
  • Wars could increase
  • A world government would be great. No more war. Removal of extremism and inequality
  • Humans will live alongside robots that are more intelligent than us,  but humans will soon be extinct
  • @realDonaldTrump will be dead
  • Google Database Implants for unlimited knowledge
  • Online shopping will be the only way to shop
  • We will have found the cure for cancer!

What do you think? Could you see any of this happening in the next 100 years?