Walker Students’ Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

On the Ward

Masterchef:  Fajito with guacamole and salad.

Baking Group:  Gooey chocolate lava cake.

Saturday breakfast: Crepes with lemon juice and sugar and ice cream.

Sports Group:  Basketball.

Board Artists:  A.S and S.M

Outing:  Koala Park or a Park. 

Word of the Week

Eclipse – the darkening of the light of a satellite (small body that moves around a planet or moon) when its primary planet stands between it and the sun. 

Lunar Eclipse – when the moon is within the Earth’s shadow.

Solar Eclipse – the cutting out of the light of the sun by the moon being between it and the observer.

By S.M

Quote of the Week

In the Learning Centre – Story Weavers First Session at Walker

The first session of Story Weavers was fun and interesting.  We started off by answering some questions about ourselves and we turned the answers into a poem starting with “I am.”  For example, “What is your favourite place in the world.”  The answer might be “the beach,” or you can be more specific, like “the beach on a sunny day.”   That would become, “I am the beach on a sunny day.” 

We all had a go at recording our poems and our voices.  Some got to add a bit of music.  We experimented with different musical instruments like the guitar. 

We will have another session next week and we will do more with the music.  I think most people enjoyed it and are looking forward to next week. 

by S.M.

SRC Report

Market stall has been postponed to Week 10, cross fingers for nice sunny weather! Continuing preparations for the market stall, especially the cook book with the yummy recipes. Sadly our snow pea seedlings we had prepared to sell have grown quickly out of their pots and needed to go to a new home… lucky Yaralla!!

Rivendell are also preparing a student basketball team to present the school playing against Centennial Park School next Wednesday Week 9. Should be a great game… good luck to Rivendell!

Walker Farewells

We said Farewell to one of our Helen/Amanda Class Walker Learning Centre Rivendell School SRC Reps this week.  He will be greatly missed, and we thank him for his efforts representing the Walker LC at Rivendell School. 

We are also Farewelling a student from Paula’s class in week 9 on Wednesday as she returns to school to her year 11 studies.  We will miss her and wish her the very best for her future endeavours.  We thank her for her many contributions to the Walker Students’ Newsletter and Walker Assemblies.