School Liaison Officer Visit: Social Network Safety

School Liaison Officer Visit: Social Network Safety

This week, the Lawson students were visited by our local NSW Police School Liaison Officer who gave an informative talk on social networking safety.

Officer Keys, who has worked with Rivendell School for two years, spoke to the students about the importance of maintaining a safe digital footprint online. Some of the topics that were discussed were: privacy settings on social media pages; appropriate use of social media; the dangers that come with sending images via the internet; and cyber-bullying.

As per the website, School Liaison Officers routinely work with high schools in the hope to:

reduce youth crime, violence and anti-social behaviour through a range of school intervention strategies, educational programs and local relationships which model respect and responsibility.

The Lawson students and staff were all engaged throughout the session, and were grateful that Officer Keys took the time to speak to them about the importance of social networking safety.

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