Paterson Garden

Following the long summer break, and a busy start to the year settling in new students, the Paterson garden has long been in need of some love and attention.

This semester the students and staff have been busily drawing together some grand ideas to improve our garden space and we are slowly and surely putting them in place.

From the photos here you can see we are taking steps to remove an extensive bed of weeds – covered now in black plastic to help kill them off. This will create a new section of the garden that we will fill colourful painted logs to perch on, turf, and a wonderful “Paterson Student Garden” sign that the students are in the process of building.


You can also see that the grounds people have been busy at work cutting back the grass and trimming the edges. So much so that a concrete path was discovered! Neither the staff, students or grounds people even knew the path was there, such was the mount of overgrown grass! This has opened up a lovely amount of space surrounding the Paterson building and garden.

At the top of the garden we plan to remove the old garden beds that are falling apart and insert some new tin beds currently on order – see in the photos are large pile of dirt ready and waiting to fill the new beds when they arrive!

The end result will be some healthy soil areas ripe for planting in the new season, as well as colourful and welcoming signs.