Walker Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

Quote of the Week

by A

Words of the Week

Seaboard: The line where land and sea meet.

Sea-dog: A sailor with long experience.

seafarer: A sailor or traveller on the sea.

by S

On the Ward

Master Chef – Thursday night – Lamb or Chicken Rogan Josh with rice.

Baking Group – 2 layer vanilla cake with whipped cream and jam in the middle, vanilla icing and Kit Kat and Maltesers on top.

Sports Group – Neucombe Ball and/or volleyball

Saturday breakfast:  Cinnamon Toast, hash browns and pancakes.

Suggestions:  More colour on the ward – painted murals on the walls and in bedrooms; new lollies in the achievement box.

by K

SRC News

Please give recipes to SRC Rep-C for the Market Stall ‘Rivendell School Cookbook’ – to be sold at the SRC Market Stall week 7. 

by C

Walker Projects

Fairy gardens

  • work in progress
  • Nearly ready for sale!\

Photography by K

Fairy garden almost ready

Lots of growing happening at Walker!

Walker growth

Walker growth

Walker students working hard!

Biology Experiment with potato

Some very tricky maths happening in the Learning Centre

By Paula’s Class