Sulman Update: Keeping Track of Success

Celebrating our success is an important part of Rivendell School’s culture.

Our staff and students routinely reach strategically targeted goals, for both academic and social areas, so the Sulman program have created a fun way to keep track of all the amazing work they are doing!

The “Success Boxes” are all hand painted by their owner to ensure that each one is individualised. When students and staff members reach a goal that they have set for themselves, they can write it down and put it in their “Success Box”. This allows for an ongoing, tangible record of their many achievements. By reflecting on past successes (no matter how big or small!), we are reminded of the obstacles that we face each day, and the hard work and planning that we put into overcoming these challenges.

By celebrating and sharing our success with others, staff and students are motivated to continue with their amazing individual and group efforts.

Sulman Update - Keeping Track of Success

To ensure that goals are regularly achieved, students are always reminded to be realistic, flexible and specific with their goal setting (SMART goals).

Keep up the great work Sulman!