Library News: New Books

We have a range of exciting new books on our shelves this term! 

nevo 11052017

Finding Nevo: How I Confused Everyone is an autobiography exploring issues of gender and identity by Melbourne author Nevo Zisin. It is an honest and emotional account of Nevo’s journey of self discovery. To read more about Nevo, check out this article in last weeks Sydney Morning Herald

Finding Nevo – Sydney Morning Herald

Imagine waking each day in a different body. This is the premise of the Changers series by T Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper have been very popular with Rivendell students. Book Three: Kim explores the issues of how our body and self image effects self-esteem. 

Honor Girl is a beautifully illustrated graffic novel by Maggie Thrash. This poignant tale reads as an autobiography and follows 15 year old Maggie’s journey to understand herself. Set in an American summer camp in the South, Maggie falls in love and learns more about herself in the process.

honor girl 11052017