Walker Newsletter Week 3

Puppet Play: Meet our Characters

We are still busily preparing our Puppet Play here at Walker. Our delightful characters are:

Gerald – a very lovable character who is often worried about things going wrong

Pattie – a happy go lucky young lady

Broomhilda – a wise old soul who knows more than she lets on…

Wombles – an all knowing oracle wombat

Bongo – a fairly happy and simple individual who relies on the others to find out what is going on 

All About Puppets

In the Learning Centre, we have been busy working on our Puppet Show! This has been very enjoyable and has made us curious about the history of puppetry.

What is a puppet?

A puppet is an object that is manipulated and moved by a human to aid them in telling a story. Puppets can come in many forms including: 
– Finger Puppets
– Hand Puppets
– Marionettes
– Shadow Puppets  

Where did puppetry originate?

Puppetry has been around for a very long time. It is believed that puppetry originated in Ancient Greece more than 5000 years ago in 3000BC. They were used to tell stories and communicate ideas about society. The oldest record of puppets can be found in the writing of Herodotus and Xenaphon in 5th century BC.

What are the different forms of puppetry?

There are many forms of puppetry. Today it is seen as a form of entertainment for children but has been used for many reasons over the centuries.
In China the Shadow Puppets where used to entertain people from all social classes. These were originally named the “Theatre of the Lantern Shadows”.
In Italy, in the 18th and 19th century the Marrionettes became very popular, especially in Venice. These puppets were controlled by a rod and strings attached to them.
In Austraila, Aboriginal people used masks in their rituals and ceremonies. This was also a form of puppetry.

What are some famous Puppets?

Puppets have been around for so long and there are so many famous ones. These are some that our class remember:
– Punch and Judy (the most famous puppet show in the world!) – Tina
– Sesame Street (Helping kids grow Smarter, Stronger and Kinder!) – Simon
– Lamb Chop (This is the Song that Never Ends!) 
– The Thunderbirds (Thunderbirds are Go!) – Angela
– Mr Squiggle (The man from the Moon!) – Helen

Quote of the Week

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started!”
By Simon

Word of the Week

Marrionette: A marrionette is a puppet controlled from using wires or strings depending on regional variations. the origin of the word is French.

On the Ward

Masterchef – Fish and chips with salad

Baking Group – Caramel slice

Saturday Breakfast – Maple bacon, pancakes with maple syrup and fruit

Sports group – Tennis, handball