Sulman Update: From the Garden to the Table

Sulman Update: From the Garden to the Table

This year, Sulman students have been working hard on growing their amazing garden, full of herbs and vegies.  Each term, staff and students come together to use the ingredients from the garden to create healthy, and delicious meals.

Cooking as part of a group is a great way to build team work, cooking and responsibility skills, and is an activity always enjoyed by the students. Students and staff enjoy coming together to cook and share a meal made from ingredients from our very own veggie patch.

Sulman Update: From the Garden to the Table

Recently, the Sulman program made a vegetarian lasagne, a beef lasagne and an eggplant salad.  Some of the ingredients used from the garden were basil, eggplant, thyme, oregano and mint. 

The feedback about the meal was very positive! Some of the staff and students commented:

“We enjoyed cooking and picking the ingredients straight from our garden!”


“A yummy, healthy meal! I look forward to doing more cooking in Sulman this term.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the Sulman garden, and the delicious meals that we continue to make.