Walker Newsletter Week 11

School Holidays are coming!

The last day of the school term is Friday 7th of April and the Learning Centre will recomence for term 2 on Wednesday the 26th of April. This means students get 2 whole weeks of HOLIDAYS!
As teenagers we all know that we love to keep busy and make sure we avoid the word sinister word B O R E D, so here at the Walker Unit we thought we could help our friends out by making lists of things to do during the Holidays!

Things to do at Home:
– Read a book
– Draw
– Watch TV, a movie or Netflix
– Play video games
– Do some gardening
– Help out around the house with chores
– Cook a special meal

Things to do with Freinds:
– Play a sporting game e.g. Soccer
– Go to the Movies
– Plan a Picnic in the Park
– Go for a walk
– Visit the local shopping centre

Things to do in the Community:
– Cycle around Centenial Park
– Meet the Animals at Taronga Zoo
– Go to the Easter Show
– Help with the gardening at the Local Community Garden 
– Visit Dame Eadith Walker House in Concord and learn about local history

These are only some of the suggestions that we came up with! There is so much to do and see and we can’t wait for the holidays to start! 

Article by S

Close the Gap Morning Tea

“Today I went to Rivendell to the Close the Gap morning tea. I donated a gold coin and chose some things to eat. First, I had a vanilla cupcake and then chose a chocolate cupcake to take with me. At the morning tea, some visitors gave a speech and I chatted to some of the Rivendell teachers. I brought back a Statement of Commitment and some Close the Gap Chatterboxes for Walker.”

by S

Walker Puppet Play

Now that we have selected a winner for our Walker Competition, the Walker team are busily preparing our Walker Pupper Play. We are presently developing the plot details and student roles and plan to get started with performance and filming. Students will utilise iMovie as well as other apps to create a film of our play that will be published amongst the Rivendell and Walker communities.

Word Of The Week

Anthropomorphism – Where animals or inanimate objects are portrayed in a story as people, such as by walking, talking, or being given arms, legs, facial features, human locomotion or other anthropoid form.

By K

Quote Of The Week

” The key to happiness is donuts” – original student quote by K

On The Ward

Master Chef – Dessert
Sunday Baking Group – Blueberry Muffins
Sports Group – Indoor Cricket, Tennis
Saturday Breakfast -Waffles with Berries and Chocolate
Outing – Coffee Shop or the the Movies

We hope everyone has a relaxing holiday and we will see you in the new term!