Walker Newsletter : Term 1, Week 10

This is our first completely online ‘Walker Newsletter.’  We hope you enjoy the new format!  We still plan to share the same information, but now Walker parents, students and friends can check out what is happening around Rivendell while catching up on Walker News. 

Walker Fiction – Story by C

Bandit had to wake me up again, his slobbering snout dancing throughout the air, searching for kibble that rested eagerly in its bag and not his bowl, which I assume is the motive behind this rude, dribble covered awakening. Anxiousness begins to slow my body, I feel too weak to attempt to get up right now, instead I lay and observe, thinking of bandit. How did this animal learn its selflessness? If he made my breakfast late every morning, I would resent the sight of him; still, here he is, excitedly wagging his rough, brown tail against the wooden bed case, syncing his drum- beat to the ticking of my heart which had grown in its intensity, until it matured to a malicious and unnatural sound. It seemed even my own organs were my enemies today.

I force myself out of bed, feed Ban and search for a jumper, the blue coldness hits the skin on my arms, leaving them prickled like sandpaper, however they smooth after being greeted by the fleecy warmth of black threading. I change, apply deodorant and quickly brush my teeth, the bus leaves in ten minutes. I kiss goodbye both Bandit and my only safe haven, or at least in comparison to what I am venturing out towards, my safer haven.

I prep myself and board the bus, trying to shield my tense, wet eyes from the other passengers. Their lingering shadow drifts around my peripherals, pain ringing in my head feels as if gorilla hands are thumping my brain to spaghetti. I plant my feet in an attempt to stabilise my trembling limbs. No use, like trying to pick egg-shell from yolk, the harder I attempt to plant myself onto the bus floor, the more my jelly-legs began to shake. Maybe if they knew, how I felt and why I felt this way, they wouldn’t mind, maybe even think of me as brave, I don’t think of myself as brave.

 Am I helping others? No.

 Do I try to help others? Barely.

 Did I cure cancer..?

 Definitely not. I mean, anxiety is the main roadblock for most of my compassion, but I struggle with where to even begin, how do I give great speeches, instil hope, and provide comfort or a helpful hand to others? I could not possibly be a man of the people, especially when the people terrify the man. How can I stand up for others, when an old school bus full of clumsy teenagers, intrusively propels my body into fight or flight mode. 

 I gasp, my body is on fire and the fear of humiliation seems imminent. My breath darts. My thoughts race. My heart pumps to the sounds of erratic laughter. In. Out. In. Out. No use. Think about things, deep-thinking, distract yourself, and nullify this anxious consciousness. Think Will, think.

 Although life can generally be more difficult for me, am I inspirational for doing something that others can achieve easily? I can hear it now, “And the Nobel Prize Award goes to.. Will Anderson, for getting on a bus to school” Absurd, insane and irrational.

Finally, the bus screeches to a halt, I hop off, I hear my heart ticking, I’m used to it, but this time the sound is peculiar, more intense than usual, similar to how it would tick when I first started catching the bus. It doesn’t belong to me. It’s really not mine; I look over to see one of the freshman students attempting to hold himself up, his body clambering against the stonewall in an attempt to stabilise himself. This is it, my epiphany, the sunlight bearing its way through the grey storm clouds of my brain. I may never be a great, my name will never be solidified in history and I won’t be studied in classrooms, but I can be great to someone, and this is that someone, his pain reflects mine as I walk towards his tired body extending my hand which is greeted by a sweaty grasp, “Hey, you alright?” I ask.

I may never be Hercules, Batman, Superman or the White Mouse, but right now, I’m something to someone, in this moment, I’m fearless, my lion-heart pumps proudly and our smiles reflect like buildings into clear-water, un- phased by any unrelated commotion. In this moment, I am his hero, and one day he’ll give great speeches, his name will be solidified in history, and you best believe he’ll be studied in classrooms.

Week 9 Walker Outing

We went to a shopping centre in Lidcombe that had a bowling alley. The patients got a student discount so it only cost us $7 where as the walker staff had to pay $8. Stacey the occupational therapist won the game with a score of 110 points. After the bowling game some of us versed each other in the arcade games getting a lot of tickets and being allowed to get a small prize or two. After that was finished we decided it was time to head back to walker in time for the barbeque. It was a good outing and I’d recommend it for future outings.     

By St

Word of the Week

Iridescent – showing a play of lustrous, changing rainbow colours.

By St

Quote of the Week

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the  light.


On the Ward

Homework at the Walker Unit:  Some students have allocated individual supervised Learning Centre usage time- check with the Walker Nurses.  If a student would like to be allocated time (after school hours) to complete some school work, please let a Walker staff member know. 

Master Chef – Potato bake and fish.

Sunday Baking Group – Custard tart

Sport Group – Tennis

Saturday Breakfast – Waffles & Hashbrowns

Outing – Week 10 is an Assembly Week.

Walker SRC Rep Report – The Rivendell Basketball Team

SRC badge website small 10317

The excursion to Centennial Park school to check out the local basketball teams was a success! Both teams that played were very competitive and exciting to watch, the Rivendell students were invited to play during the last quarter and had a great time doing so. The representative for the game at Centennial exclaimed that to compete, the only requirement is a team of ten willing players.


Students break up on Friday Term 1, Week 11, the 7th of April.  The Walker Learning Centre Education Team will be back in the Learning Centre for Term 2 on 26 April, which is a Wednesday. 

Competition Results


The winner is Elliot with a theme about puppets discovering that they are actually puppets.

The girl puppet is named Patty, she is twelve years old, naïve, determined, inquisitive and kind.

Bongo is the colourful puppet. He is simple minded, constantly questioning, funny and easily confused.

Gerald is the orange haired puppet. he is extremely anxious and often has fits of frustration, he needs to learn to chill.

Broom Hilda is a wise no-nonsense old lady, the caretaker of the other puppets but has many, many secrets. 

Elliot will receive his prize soon.



Week 10 Assembly – Friday 10:45am –  by Helen & Amanda’s Class.  Newsletter by Paula’s Class.

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