JobJump : Transition and Work


Rivendell School recently purchased a subscription to JobJump. This subscription provides access for all our year 10, 11 and 12 students.

About JobJump

400+ NSW High Schools, 45,000+ students and parents are registered and enjoying the benefits of JobJump! Why not find out what it’s all about? We can help you find the answers to your questions to really make your career happen! It’s fun, fast and easy to find what you want in a couple of clicks.

Here’s what Rivendell School now has access to:

• A weekly Careers News Bulletin presented with all news in the KLA areas. This can be freely posted also to parents and members of the school staff. Amazing feedback received from parents and staff.

• Student Careers News sent directly to students’ home email address specifically on their chosen careers from a choice of over 100 careers.

• Advanced comprehensive digital ATAR and University Course sorter that works hand in hand with the UAC Handbook making life now a breeze for students to search for their chosen courses • Fast Undergraduate scholarship sorter across all NSW Universities

• Career information on over 1,200 careers all categorised for you.

• Fast Bonus Points finder, Overseas Exchange, Accommodation across all Universities in NSW.

• Interactive yearly calendar across all news items which can be personalised to your careers of interest.

• Universities Open Days listing and links.

• Alternative entry to University sorter and links across all NSW Universities.

• Interstate, US and UK University admissions centres’ links.

• EAS information.

• A full directory of top 140 sites Careers Advisors & students need to access quickly & easily.

• JobJump regionalises the TAFE courses and the job vacancies based on your school.

• Videos across 100 careers.

• Year 10 subject selection advice across 100 careers.

• Earnings across 300 careers.

• Find my Career quizzes.

• Hobby projects across 100 careers to inspire and engage students in their career.

• Gap and Volunteering opportunities……… and much more.


To register, email your child’s classroom teacher and ask for the password.