Clean Up Australia Day at Rivendell School

Clean Up Australia Day

The staff and students of Rivendell School know just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country and therefore we take looking after our environment very seriously! Clean up Australia Day will be running this Sunday 5th March, and Rivendell School are proud to announce that we will be participating in this worthy cause on Monday 6th March. Our staff and students look forward to working together to make our surrounding environment as beautiful as it can be.

We ask that all parents/guardians remind students that they will need to dress appropriately for the activity – enclosed shoes, hats, sun glasses and sun screen should be worn. It is also important to remind them to put their safety first, this means they should stay hydrated and not touch any rubbish items that could be considered dangerous. We will provide gloves, tongs and bags for the activity and have also arranged for oranges and ice blocks to reward all our students for their hard efforts!

If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause them please visit: