Yaralla Garden : The Beginning of a New Season

Yaralla Garden : The Beginning of a New Season

The Yaralla Garden has been a cornerstone of the program for the last few years with students tending to it daily and using the harvest in weekly cooking sessions. On the return to school in February, students were shocked to find the garden beds overgrown with weeds. The produce that had been so abundant and green at the end of the year had not lasted the holidays.

After a short period of lamenting the heat of summer and wishing we had installed a timed sprinkler system, staff helped students to reframe the situation and view the garden state as an opportunity. If we weeded the beds, added some fertiliser and manure, we could plan out what we were going to sow for the whole year! This greatly motivated the students who couldn’t wait to begin.

Using The Vegie Guide from the ABC, the students mapped out what produce to sow during the first term of school. They then set about planning a trip to Flower Power to procure seedlings, seeds, and fertiliser. 

This further led to a discussion around what to cook during the Yaralla Wednesday cooking session. A small amount of herbs and leafy produce had survived the holidays, and with the current weather conditions quite dry, the students agreed that a focus on salads would be good in Term 1, moving to soups in Term 2 when some of the produce would be ready for use. 

Over the term, Yaralla students will be providing regular updates of the garden! Stay tuned.